"Siglap Secondary School aims to develop the artistic talents of all Siglapians and provide them with an extra-ordinary Art experience." 
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Siglap Secondary School is the Choice School for the Arts. Our vision is to mould Siglapians into caring, confident and creative individuals who appreciate the Arts. We believe that the Arts will help to shape our students’ characters, make them more gracious individuals and help them to discover a life-long purpose in life.

Our school has a wealth of expertise and experience in offering a first class Arts experience to our students. We are currently the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Visual Art and a Niche Programme School for Gamelan & Angklung Ensembles. Riding on our expertise, we have developed the unique Siglap Blue Ocean Programme (http://www.siglapsec.moe.edu.sg/pages/special-programmes.html). The Siglap Blue Ocean Programme consists of a number of unique flagship programmes that are specially designed to deepen our students’ interest and skill in the Arts. These programmes include, but are not limited to, the exciting nation-wide art competition The Young Illustrator Awards; a customized Siglap-UK Summer Class offered in collaboration with world famous a UK university; and opportunities to performance at national/international platforms.  We believe that through their 4/5 years of education in Siglap Secondary School, all our students will develop in them a strong Siglapian identity that is characterized by a passion for Arts, a joy for life and a creative spirit that will put them in good stead for the 21st century.

Yet underpinning our efforts to groom our students’ artistic talents, are our relentless pursuit for sound character values and excellence in academic accomplishments. Confucius once said, “He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.” We in Siglap Secondary School subscribe to this same philosophy. We believe that the most important goal of education is to mould pupils into individuals who would not only care for one’s self interest, but also invest effort in enriching the life of others around them. This belief is reflected in our school’s Vital Behaviours. Every Siglapian is accountable for the success of their peers, as well as taking personal responsibility to speak up to peers who misbehave. It is of paramount importance that Siglapians are guided by the right values as they navigate their ways in life and hopefully exert a positive impact to the society. In this educational journey, we are guided by the Siglap Values of Single-Mindedness, Integrity, Graciousness, Loyalty, Adaptability and Perseverance.

Yet before they could even contribute to the society, Siglapians need to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for them to advance to a higher education and ultimately join a profession of their choice and be self-reliant. We are committed to prepare our students well for their post-secondary education in the ITE, the Polytechnics and the Junior Colleges. This is why the school spares no effort in helping every Siglapians to achieve the best possible results in their academic studies. This is done through a two-prong-approach of raising students’ motivation in academic matters and a quality curriculum delivery.

In Siglap, we take pride in our CARE approach in educating with our students. Our teachers build strong interpersonal relationship with our students and work closely with the parents to ensure that our students are motivated to excel in their learning.  Students who are weaker in their studies are offered extra tutoring outside curriculum time to help them catch up with peers. We also constantly review our curriculum offerings to ensure that they are up-to-date, match our students’ level of understanding and aligned with our students’ learning style. This will help to ensure that our students are able to comprehend the lessons and be engaged in their learning.

Siglap Secondary School is the school where talents get uncovered and developed. With us, Siglapians will grow and excel and eventually be a greater force for good to the society. Every Siglapian will be an Art advocate, a socially responsible individual and an achiever in his/her studies. This is the noble quest that all of us at Siglap Secondary are committed to and we are confident that we will make a difference to the life of all Siglapians.